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Study in the USA has partnered with Argo Visa to streamline your U.S. visa application process. Together, we offer expert guidance from Former Visa Officers to enhance your application and prepare you for your visa interview, simplifying your path to studying in the United States.

Don’t let the visa interview stop you from your American dream.

Get your U.S. visa approved with the help of Former Visa Officers.

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Navigating the U.S. visa process can often be the most challenging part of planning your studies abroad. That’s why Study in the USA has teamed up with Argo Visa to offer you expert assistance. Our joint services are designed to clarify the visa application process, providing you with direct advice from Former Visa Officers. This partnership focuses on overcoming common hurdles such as visa interview preparation, documentation advice, and application strategy to ensure a smoother, more confident path to approval. 

With Argo Visa’s guidance, you can focus on what truly matters: your education and future in the United States.

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Prepare for your first interview

Did you know 1 in 4 people get rejected? Get preparation from a Former Visa Officer who can help you pass on the first try!

Strategize for complicated situations

We know better than anyone else how Visa Officers think and make decisions. Argo can help you prepare for how to work through any challenges at your visa interview.

Overcome a visa refusal

Find out why you really got denied with our help. We will help you see your case through the eyes of the Visa Officer so you can get approved on your next attempt.

We speak your language

Our team speaks 10+ languages.

We can work with you in your native language.

Our ARGO customers share their stories

“My experience with the consultation was exceptional, and this is not solely because I successfully obtained my visa afterwards. The professionalism, organization, and attentiveness of the former officer were truly commendable... I am thrilled to share that, after four previous denials, I successfully received my B1/B2 visa. I attribute this achievement largely to the guidance and expertise provided by Argo Visa.”

Zhang G.

Google Review

“I was refused twice for my F1 visa. I almost gave up. But before my third interview, (which I decided as my last try), I booked an Argo Visa consultation which was really helpful. They turned all of my preparation upside down. I was recently approved my F1 visa on my third try and now I am ready to go to the United States.”

Review Lalropuia F.

Google Review

“If I could put more than 5 stars I would. My experience was amazing! All the information provided was super valuable and it helped my mom to understand how her process and interview will go in order to have her tourist U.S. visa approved from Mexico. I am so happy we have this opportunity and I highly recommend Argo Visa services. It is so worth it!!! Thank you Argo Visa for such a great experience.”

Maria W.

Google Review

“I could not recommend Argo Visa services more. Coming from a country where not many people go to the U.S. for higher education, I had faced some challenges in getting my visa from a third country. The Argo Visa consultation helped me understand my situation and how to best prepare and defend my case. I definitely encourage everyone who is trying to go to the U.S. for any purpose to schedule an appointment with Argo Visa before their big day. Trust me, it is worth every penny!”

Mostaphe M.

Google Review

"I was involved in a complicated immigration legal case and my U.S. visa was rejected multiple times, and I was not able to travel to the U.S. for many years. My lawyer recommended Argo Visa to practice my visa interview... Finally, my visa was approved after an admin process. I highly recommend Argo Visa.”

Steven L.

Google Review

“Words can't express how I feel but a very big thank you to Argo Visa and my Officer (You are the man, during our consultation you asked the right questions and similar questions were asked. I used your approach and followed the advice you gave me .. Voila, I was approved.). I will always and surely use your service again...”

Alex N.

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How it works

1 in 4 visa applicants will receive a 214b refusal or face 221g Administrative Processing after their interview. Set yourself up for success by getting a personal session with a Former Visa Officer.

1. Match with an expert

While booking your session, our system will match you with the best Former Visa Officer on our team based on language, country of application, nationality, visa type, and any other unique factors. We speak 10+ languages, have worked in 20+ countries, and have helped people from 110+ countries.

2. Prepare for your consultation

In order to get the most out of your consultation, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to meeting with your Officer. Filling out your questionnaire prior to the consultation will increase the quality of your session significantly.

3. Set for success

Complete your consultation with one of our Former Visa Officers. You wouldn't get medical advice for a serious issue from a random person, so don't go into your visa interview without our expert help. After your consultation with us, you will have all the tools you need to pass your U.S. visa interview.