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“[Career Premium] is incredibly valuable. I’ve learned how to connect with potential interviewers, how to ask the right questions, and how to better utilize my own school resources.”

—Rebecca, hired at Goldman Sachs

“The tutors are resourceful, and they really helped me while I was applying for internships. I certainly believe I will find a job after graduation.”

Shelley, hired at Tesla

Career Premium is a one-semester, virtual, career-development program designed to help you gain valuable work experience so you can compete in the current job market.

Career Premium costs $2,000 USD and includes one semester of:

  • Exclusive training for certification in things like Python, Java, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management and more through our partner, Pluralsight
  • Global Citizenship Workshop (with certificate upon completion)
  • Design Thinking Workshop (with certificate upon completion)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop (with certificate upon completion)
  • Exclusive Access to Localized, where students can engage with industry experts from top global companies, attend exclusive employer events, and access countless career resources

Shorelight connects students, universities, and counselors from around the world.

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